4:33 AM
Bye no more Sosa
Is this what I get for being nasty?
4:23 AM
I’m converting to lesbian

Jk I wanna see what dick feels like first

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Anonymous: He realizes he fucked up when he does that thing to make you laugh and you don't laugh anymore

That’s a damn shame

4:14 AM
I’m converting to lesbian
Anonymous: You annoying as fuck

Bitch it’s 4am wtf you even doing up???? Like honestly you can suck out my ass & eat all the shit Idc!!

Anonymous: We aren't dumb we just make dumb decision and don't realize until we've messed up

And how long does it take a boy to realize he fucked up?

Anonymous: Are you mad about something?

Yea, answer me this, why are boys so dumb?


3:22 AM
Tfw suck my ass
abathinglatina: hey lil Canadian

Girl you know you’re beautiful and I love your eyebrows truly. You seem like an easy person to talk to & I love you vibes :))

3:13 AM

downfalling originallyd0pe why can’t we all be friends ? :’)


You’re just so pretty and I feel like you get all the bois you want. Yes shout out to you! Future Hoe aunties unite!!